We Have To Do Our Part

Keeping our waterways clean and clear of litter – especially used and worn-out soft plastic lures – is important to both healthy fisheries and good fishing. Learn all the latest tips and tricks from top pro anglers for keeping your lures on the hook and properly presented.

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The Pitch It campaign was first started by Keep America Fishing in response to a legislative proposal in Maine to ban all non-biodegradable soft plastic lures.

It was soon expanded to a nationwide anti-litter campaign in which anglers were asked to properly dispose of their worn-out soft plastic baits by recycling them or, where recycling wasn’t available, throwing them in the trash rather than in the water.

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How to Rig

There are many techniques for making sure you don’t lose your soft plastic lures into the water. Learn more about the best tips and tricks for lure retention and help ensure clean water and healthy fish.

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