The Pitch It campaign was first started by Keep America Fishing in response to a legislative proposal in Maine to ban all non-biodegradable soft plastic lures.

It was soon expanded to a nationwide anti-litter campaign in which anglers were asked to “Sign the Pledge to Pitch It” to properly dispose of their worn-out soft plastic baits by recycling them or, where recycling wasn’t available, throwing them in the trash rather than in the water. The pledge program generated thousands of signatures and was embraced by tournament fishing organizations like BASS and FLW.

Starting in 2021, the program is being expanded to educate the public on how to retain soft plastic lures while they are being fished. These new and innovative techniques to retain lures, combined with proper disposal once a lure has been used, will help keep our waterways clean and clear and our fisheries healthy.

Professional tournament fishermen and recreational anglers from coast to coast will share their tips and tricks for keeping waterways clean and free of litter – especially used and worn-out soft plastic lures.

Pitch It Pro Challenge

The Pitch It Pro Challenge engages Professional Tournament Anglers on both the B.A.S.S and M.L.F. tours to get on social media and challenge each other to share their tricks about how to retain, reuse or recycle their Soft Plastic Lures.

Inspired by the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Pitch It Pro Challenge helps to spread the word about the Pitch It Campaign while also highlighting various techniques used by professional anglers to keep their soft plastics from ending up in the water. Make sure to look out for these videos on all social media channels and look for #PitchItChallenge #PitchIt #KeepAmericaFishing hashtags!

Recast Program

We partnered with Do-It Molds to help local bass clubs get involved in recycling used SPL’s and start their own Recast Programs. Do-It is the leading retailer for DIY Soft Plastic Lure making, selling everything from Soft Bait Molds and to Hook and Components. They realize that giving anglers the ability to recycle their own soft plastics into new baits is a great way to encourage recycling and this partnership was launched to help lower the entry cost for clubs looking to create their own Recast Program. If you are interested in creating a Recast Program for your club, have your club President or Conservation Director reach out to Mike Leonard, Vice President of Government Affairs at the American Sportfishing Association.