Get Hooked Fishing Academy

Get Hooked Fishing Academy

Get Hooked Fishing Academy Group ShotIntroducing our sport to new fishermen and re-engaging those who have drifted away is critical to recreational fishing’s future. And teaching them how to properly handle worn out soft plastic baits should be part of any new angler’s education.

This summer, the Get Hooked Fishing Academy of Syracuse, NY has started sharing that message with their students. Aimed at new and returning fishermen from all skill levels and age groups, the academy focuses on techniques, life lessons, and protecting the environment. And a big part of their environmental curriculum is the Pitch It program.

According to Lead Instructor Mike “Coach” Pikulinski, “Loss of rights and access to places to fish due to litter makes programs like Pitch It more important than ever. Protecting the environment is very important and we emphasize that in our program.”

Leading by example, the academy is developing conscientious fishermen – ones who will pay it forward and spread the word to people they fish with in the future. “We see partnerships with schools, clubs and tournament organizations like the Get Hooked Fishing Academy essential to our campaign,” said KeepAmericaFishing Director Liz Ogilvie. “By starting people off with good habits of stewardship and conservation, proper disposal of soft plastics will be the norm, rather than the exception.”

Held on the waters of Oneida Lake, academy classes meet once per month for six months. So far, they’ve hosted anglers as young as 10 and as old as 67. And thanks to sponsors like Livingston Lures, Daiwa, Flambeau, and Power Pole, students have access to top notch equipment.

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