Do you fish with soft plastic baits?  Do you care about clean water and healthy fish?  If you answered yes, please take a moment to check out these videos.

Keeping our waterways clean with Pitch It

Do your part. Join with Daiwa pro Brent Ehrler and the Pitch It campaign to help keep our waterways clean.

Modifying Jigs and Trailer Retention

Jigs are great way to imitate crawfish, bream and other forage species. They come in all size and colors, and are known for their ability to entice big bass. Join John Crews for a lesson on modifying jigs, selecting the right trailer and how to ensure it stays on the hook for the duration of its use.

How to Make a Swimbait Keeper

Wired2Fish and Major League Fishing Pro Mark Davis teach you how to increase the longevity of your swimbaits and tight on the hook with the use of a wire keeper.

How to Use O-Rings

Using o-rings with your soft baits helps keep the lure on the hook and in front of fish, reduces the number of lures you use and keeps used baits out of the water.  Ryan DeChaine from Wired2Fish shares some of his tips and tricks for using o-rings on your baits.

Before You Go Fishing

Proper preparation and lure retention starts before you hit the water. Daiwa pro Brent Ehrler shares things you can do before you even leave your house.

While You Are Fishing

Daiwa pro Brent Ehrler shares his suggestions for keeping our waterways clean while fishing.