rebaits_logo_200x160_webThe ReBaits program is a great way to facilitate the collection and recycling of worn-out soft plastic lures.

ReBaits collection bins are popping up across the United States and Canada. They are made of steel which is powder coated to withstand abuse and the elements. They are painted blue to represent the international color for recycling and water. Each bin comes with a universal mount able to be affixed to just about any surface; wood, metal, posts, railings and more. Each bin is designed to hold a prepaid mailer insert, so when the discarded baits are placed into the bin they fall directly into the mailer. When the bin/mailer is full, the locking hinged lid is simply opened using a provided security screw bit. The mailer is removed, placed in the outgoing mail and sent to ReBaits for data recording (i.e.: weight of plastic to be recycled, amount of trash or any non-soft plastics, etc.).   There is no need to handle the discarded soft plastics, only remove the prepaid mailer insert and add a new one in its place.

They record the data on the baits before packing them in EPA approved containers and sending them off to their recycling partner. The recycling process removes all the scents, glitter, salt, etc. and turns the baits into a material used in the coating of power lines.

The statistical data of the discarded baits collected is used in their lobbying efforts to ensure that soft plastic baits can stay in our tackle boxes, as proof that the program is working.

ReBaits offer organizations and individuals the opportunity to sponsor a bin on a monthly basis. The cost of the bin, including the monthly collection, is $35/month. If you or your organization would like to get involved please contact them at, or visit their website at