As a part of our efforts to keep our favorite fishing spots free of litter – especially discarded fishing equipment – we spoke with leaders in the fishing industry to get their take on the use of soft plastic baits and lures.

Dwayne Turnage
Maine Bass Nation Tournament Director

As the Maine B.A.S.S Nation Tournament Director, Tournament Director for the Maine Bass Federation and supervisor of the Maine Man vs Bass Trail, Dwayne has been focused on educating anglers on why it’s important to properly dispose of SPL’s for many years. Through his various involvements, Dwayne preaches the benefit of conservation and proper use and disposal of SPL’s to more than 400 bass anglers in Maine.

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Larry Roland
Minnesota BASS Nation

As a Lakes Area, Minnesota Bassmasters member, Larry has been involved in collecting and recasting Soft Plastic Lures for the past 15 years. He collects used SPL’s from anglers throughout the state, melts them down and recasts them as new ones that he gives out to young anglers interested in getting into the sport.

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Kevin VanDam
Pro Angler

Known as “KVD,” Kevin is a professional bass fisherman from Otsego, Michigan. In 1992, he became the youngest person to win the BASS Angler of the Year title, at age 25 and is the all-time money winner in professional bass fishing.

Kevin was one of the earliest supporters of Pledge to Pitch It.

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Jim Martin
Former Conservation Director for Pure Fishing, Inc.

Jim Martin is the former Conservation Director for Pure Fishing, Inc. and a former fisheries biologist of 30 years for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

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Larry Scholz
Unc’L Lunkers Bait & Tackle

Larry opened Unc’L Lunkers Bait & Tackle nine years ago in Bridgton, Maine. As shop owner, he knows as well as anyone that fishing in Maine relies on soft plastics.

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